[SOLVED] PHPCS and PHPMD causes PHPStorm to lose focus

I'm not sure if this is a bug or something wrong with my config.  I recently moved from a Linux machine to Windows and on Linux I never had this issue.  I installed PHPCS and PHPMD globally with Composer and pointed my config in PHPStorm to the .bat files that Composer created for them in the global vendor/bin directory.  When they both run on a file, PHPStorm loses focus (title bar of window goes grey and cursor is no longer visible) 4 times before it finally gets focus again and I can use it.  If I only have one of the two enabled, it loses and gains focus twice before I can use it again.  Disable both and all is well, but then of course I don't get the inspections.

Am I doing something wrong here?

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This is resolved - found that it was caused by trying to run both Ansicon and Clink via CMD's Autorun registry key.  That combo was also causing PHPStorms Terminal window to fail to open.  I can use either independently, but using them both together in either order fails.  I removed Ansicon and just left Clink and all is well.


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