Unable to step over in WebStorm

I'm able to hit a breakpoint, inspect variables, etc., but when I click the "step over" button, it doesn't debug to the next line.  I just see "Frames are not available."  Right now I have the breakpoint at app.init().  Step into doesn't work, only force step into works.  I'm running Windows 8.1 and WebStorm 11.0.1.

    function createApplication() {
      var app = function(req, res, next) {
        app.handle(req, res, next);
      mixin(app, EventEmitter.prototype, false);
      mixin(app, proto, false);
      app.request = { __proto__: req, app: app };
      app.response = { __proto__: res, app: app };
      return app;

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Looks like a code from   express/lib/express.js. Did you put breakpoints in your local node_modules?

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Yes I put the breakpoints in node_modules.  Is that not supported?


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