php joomla configuration for design or php

Hi i have many question about configure phpstorm for webdesign  ( html css js) and  php debug .

1- Does create only one project can manage front ( webdesign) and back End ( php) joomla context ?

2- in joomla for webdesign what is the path of phpstorm root project ? ( server  or joomla or template )
server  -> apache/html/  ( all page under html ll be show on the client web-browser)
joomla -> apache/html/j25a  ( j25a is joomla 25 directory taht contain all the joomla file )
templates -> apache/html/j25a/templates/beez5   ( beez5 is the active template )

3 if i have 2  joomla instance under apache/html
how do i configure phpstorm to mange each joomla website for design and php stuf ?

4 Can iset 2 that have root  /Apache/html/ and
oneproject call j25a that exclude directory j31
second project call j31 that exclude directory j25

This post has  one year . Does the new feature about joomla achieve this !




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