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I often switch between two operating systems (mac laptop, pc desktop) and sync all my projects via dropbox. The trouble is things like Sass executable and Gulp settings are based on the folder structures of the respective operating system. What do you recommend for smoother switching between Operating Systems?

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you can try using path variables (Settings/Build, Execution,  Deployment/Path variables) to make your file watchers 'portable'. But  note that WebStorm path variables are not the same as system environment  variables: the main purpose of path variables is making configuration  files shareable - all occurrences of the path specified in Settings |  Build, Execution, Deployment | Path variables are automatically replaced  with this variable in WebStorm configuration files. You shouldn't  explicitly refer to your variable in settings - you need to enter actual  path there, that will be replaced with the corresponding variable when  you save your configuration. For example, create a path variable  $SASS_PATH$ = C:\Ruby193\bin, then in File watcher settings set the path  to 'C:\Ruby193\bin\sass.bat' -> on saving this path will be replaced  with $SASS_PATH$\sass.bat in watcherTask.xml file that stores your  configuration. Of course, you will need to also define $SASS_PATH$ in  your second WebStorm installation, specifying actual path on your other  machine.
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The only problem that remains are executable files extensions, that are also OS-specific... Implementing could be a solution.


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