TypeScript debugging problems

I'm trying to get TypeScript debugging to work. I have had it working on and off, and see no rhyme or reason as to why. This application contains a server part and a client part (written in Typescript). TypeScript debugging in Chrome works fine (using source maps). Typescript editing and compilation works fine. However, cross debugging into Chrome usually fails with the message "Remote URLs for several files aren't specified so breakpoints won't work in these files." popping up at the bottom of the screen, and breakpoints not working.

Note that I've had this working occasionally, so I know it can work. When it does, it's very nice. Then it stops working, seeminly without changing anything. I tried restarting apps to no avail.

In the debug configuration I've done the following:

I would assume the debugger being able to figure out all other URLs/paths relative to this root, since it all corresponds file-for-file from here down. I can't believe I have to manually set the corresponding URL for each and every .ts file under the app directory. Do I? (The "Remote URLs for several files..." message seem to imply that I do.)

What more do I need to configure to make this work reliably?



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