How to make PhpStorm show system directory open dialog box

Hello all!

There is one sad thing i've got while migrating from WebStorm to PhpStorm. I used to open my projects using the "File > Open directory" menu item, but the dialog box has now changed and i can use symlinks etc for easy navigation. Here is two screenshots of my WebStrom Open directory dialog box and of one from phpStorm.

Thank you!

Снимок экрана 2011-11-08 в 17.17.32.png
Снимок экрана 2011-11-08 в 17.13.48.png

So why?? this feature is only available in webstorm?


In versions 8 & 9 of PhpStorm, I too, got my Mac's system dialog box for opening files and directories. Now in version 10, I'm getting the application's dialog box. Is there any way to get back to the former behavior? It was far more convenient. Especially in that double-clicking a directory that's a project would open said project. With PhpStorm's dialog, I have to select it and then click OK.


The new dialog is far from intuitive. I totally agree with Michael Sypes that the former behavior was far more convenient. In the system dialog I have all my shortcuts etc.

*On your own risk*


You can edit "ide.mac.file.chooser.native" in IDE Registry "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+/"


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