Should the PhpStorm filetype icons appear in Windows Explorer?

In the PhpStorm "Project" pane each filetype has its own unique icon:

But when browsing in Explorer (Windows 8.1) all filetypes associated with PhpStorm have a generic PhpStorm icon:

Is this normal behaviour? I hope not because it makes it difficult to distinguish between filetypes. I see a bug report for a closely related issue is marked "Fixed" - "Now icon for the extension which is associated with WebStorm will be the same as in WebStorm."
But I experience this issue with the latest PhpStorm.

How can I get the PhpStorm filetype icons to appear in Windows Explorer?

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Can someone out there using PhpStorm with Windows confirm that all filetypes get the same generic icon so I know its normal behaviour and something unique to me? Thanks.

To Jetbrains: is this an issue that has been fixed in WebStorm? If so is the equivalent update coming to PhpStorm?


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