PHPStorm not removing XDEBUG_SESSION cookie

I have a PHPStorm 9.0.2 on Windows 7.
I delvelop remote an a Linux.

After using debug ( PHP Web Application)  PHPStorm dosen't remove the XDEBUG_SESSION.  

When trying to use the browser after a debug session it is incrediable slow.  Removinge manually  the cookie solves the problem.

Using the same Linux setup and Netbeans - No problems. The cookie is removed when stopping the debugging.

Is there a way I can make PHPStorm to remove the cookie when finishing debugging?


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Tilen should have been: not removing XDEBUG_SESSION

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Hi there,

AFAIK if you initiate debug session from within an IDE (PHP Web Application) it only uses such GET parameter (parameter in query string) and not cookie. The cookie is usually set using xdebug helper browser extension or via bookrmarklet.

Since I do not initiate web page debug from IDE but prefer controlling it (start/stop) via browser extension .. I could be wrong on this (that's if IDE does not open the target URL directly but uses some intermediate request that sets such cookie -- just a thought).

In any case: PhpStorm cannot remove such cookies (regardless how they were set or who set them up). I may only suggest to use boormarklet/browser extension/manual cookie deletion to get rid of it.

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Hi again

I just have been dooing some reading on xdebug documentation.  It seems that a XDEBUG_SESSION_STOP order wil remove the cookie.  Can PHPStorm sendt this URL when stopping?

  • When the URL variable
    is appended to an URL—or through a POST variable with the same name—Xdebug emits a cookie with the name "XDEBUG_SESSION" and as value the value of the XDEBUG_SESSION_START URL parameter. The expiry of the cookie is one hour. The DBGp protocol also passes this same value to the init packet when connecting to the debugclient in the "idekey" attribute.
  • When there is a GET (or POST) variable XDEBUG_SESSION_START or the XDEBUG_SESSION cookie is set, Xdebug will try to connect to a debugclient.
  • To stop a debug session (and to destroy the cookie) simply add the URL parameter
    . Xdebug will then no longer try to make a connection to the debugclient.

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PhpStorm can not anyhing like that ATM.

I may only suggest to submit Feature Request ticket to the Issue Tracker.

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Actually there are at least 2 tickets with similar sort of requests already:


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