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To the Developer Community:

I am a real novice when it comes to version control. I downloaded VisualSVN standard thinking it would be a easy to setup. Either I'm mistaken, I am over looking something, over complicating the setup... or something.

I've setup VisualSVN on a window 7 system: IIS2. I've following the instructions to activate and setup the repository but I'm unable to access the repository from PhpStorm.

I did setup VisualSVN on a windows 8.1 system and was able to upload and download from the repository using TortoiseSVN, but the next morning it quit working??? I would prefer to use the built in VCS in PhpStorm. BTW, the PhpStorm documentation of VCS setup is a bit out of date.

Has anyone successfully setup VisualSVN?
Is there a VCS that is foolproof that can be installed and setup quickly at no cost (other than my time)?

If you have a success with VCS you would like to share, I'm willing to listen.



PhpStorm and WebStorm work with VisualSVN Server without any issues.

Please elaborate what you mean by "stopped working", "unable to access". Otherwise, it very hard to tell what's going on and how to resolve these issues.


I will reinstall VisualSVN and provide the errors I am getting.


I have setup visualSVN on a windows 7 system called IIS2.

I am running VisualSVN Server Standard Edition

Network shows:
Server name:
Server port: 443
Use secure connection checked

Use Windows authentication selected
Basic authentication check

Using VisualSVN Repository configurator with repository URL: (note, running on IIS2 system.

I get 'Cannot connect to server '' using DCOM:RPC server is unavailable.



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