Brand new to webstorm - problem with Anugular

Hello all,

I just installed WebStorm on my mac and I'm not sure how to get angular up and running so I can start playing with it. I have read a couple of "HowTos" and I can't seem to understand what i'm doing wrong.

From the welcome screen I choose "Create New Project" and then I choose "AngularJS" from the left options. I give it a location, and leave version set to "master" (which is the only option available).
This gives me a set of folders and files and I think I'm good to go. I open the file "app/index.html" and see that I have a nice template to start with, however, when I try and add "ng-app" to the head, the autocomplete isn't working. Furthermore, I try going down into the body and creating a div with "ng-view" just to test the intelliJ (/autocomplete or whatever it's called). and have no "ng-*" options appearing.

What am I missing? I have done nothing other than install WebStorm so maybe I'm missing some key steps.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated as I only have a 30 trial to start digging into AngularJS and am excited to do so :)

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

1) Make sure that AngularJS plugin is enabled (should be by default in WebStorm)
2) You need to reference non-minified version of angularjs library (local copy)

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Thank you sir,

I knew it would be something small, but still not too savy on where to look for solutions.

Thanks again!


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