Love PhpStorm, but this might be a dealbreaker. Hoping I'm just missing a code completion setting.

Our code standard dictactes the following format be used when calling a class method:

$this -> method()

However, PhpStorm seems to not like that space after the object operator and when using code completion we end up with this:

$this -> $this->method()

I've combed through the settings and have been unable to find anything to counter this behavior.  Is there something that we can do to help PhpStorm understand what we're doing?


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I should mention that properties work fine.

$this -> pro

autocompletes to

$this -> property


Also, even though code completion sees the methods correctly, it still prepends $this to methods from another class.

When in $classA

$classB -> classBme

is found in the method list but autocompletes to

$classB -> $this->classBmethod()

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Thanks!  I've added my notes there.


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