Live Edit only on demand

The subject says it all.

I would like to refresh the browser using the live edit plugin without leaving the ide. I don't want to reload every time I save a file, but only when i call "Reload in browser" manually.

I'm looking for an option, but in settings I can't find nothing relevant.

I used to save many times during an editing session, but I don't want to reload the page showing syntax errors.

There's a solution or I have to give up?  

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Hi there,

Have you tried switching to manual updates in Settings/Preferences?

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Thank you Andriy, with that option reload on syntax error are disabled and is better than nothing.

In my perfect (and utopian?) environment I would like to refresh only on demand, there's any chance to achieve my objective?


I didn't upgrade to 9 for now but I will do in some days.

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Sorry -- I don't really use LiveEdit myself. But I would assume that "manual" would mean "on demand" in such context.

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Please note that an update will now be performed only if none of the modified files have any syntax errors. Previously, Live Edit would update the page even when some other modified files had errors.

This is how they intend "manual"

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For me such words mean that even if I click "Update" it will only be performed if all modified files have no syntax errors (and not "it will be done automatically anyway if no errors detected").

I suggest you to update to latest version (you can try most recent EAP builds [PhpStorm] [WebStorm] which you can 1) run alongside to the stable version and 2) use even if your current license is expired) and test such behaviour on your actual code.

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I know that is not strictly related to phpstorm, but maybe this can be useful for who wants to reload a browser window using a shortcut.

This solution works on ubuntu, and requires the "xdotool" package (

First I've created a scripts that:

1- Search for a window that has the string "Google Chrome" in title
2- Focus the window
3- Launch "Ctrl+F5" (reload)
4- Search for phpstorm window that has the first parameter of the scritpt in his name
5- Focus the phpstorm window

This is the script:


WID=`xdotool search --name "Google Chrome" | head -1` 

xdotool windowactivate --sync $WID 

xdotool key --clearmodifiers ctrl+F5 

WID=`xdotool search --name $1 | head -1` 

xdotool windowactivate --sync $WID

And I can call the script: myCoolProject

Now, I configure in phpstorm an "External Tool" (Settings -> External Tool)
Schermata del 2015-10-21 15:17:38.png

(I can't see the image, here is a copy:

Now I can assign a shortcut to the external tool.

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