Newb question - highlighting and unhighlighting HTML tags

I cannot find a consistent way of highlighting HTML tags.

I know the ctrl sh f7 SEEMS to do it but cannot get it to unhighlight.

Grateful for a how to do:

Place caret on li tag push ???? then all li's highlighted. Go away and loopk at all those lovely lis. Pick an li and hit ??? and they all disappear.

I am copying and pasting a lot and keep getting mismatched tags and am wasting ages trying to find them. (I may have accidnetally screwed up my PHPStorm settings but it is not really helping me find quite a lot)

I have searched documentation, here, StackO etc and done the ctrl sh A thing etc but cannot find the solution.

Sorry for such a dumb question

ATB Steve

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Hi there,

Can you please provide sample code (that can be copy-pasted) + screenshots that would describe that highlighting (when it's working and when it's not)?


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