phpStorm 9.0.2 problem with undentified classes


I've installed phpStorm 9.0.2, all OK... but when I look into my code a lot methods that are called staticly aren't found anymore by the IDE.
The class name has an orange / yellow background, and when I hover over it, it tells me it can't find the class.

In latest version of phpStorm 8 I didn't have that problem so I had to switch back.  Is this a known issue or do I have to import some special stuff?  It's really frustrating.


Hi there,

No clue with such "broad" description -- need to see some code sample (at least screenshots that would show the error and the code that exists but marked as undefined).

How do you link such code?  Is it 3rd party library or your own? Where it is located relative to the project etc.

In any case: please try "File | Invalidate Caches..." and restart IDE.


Have you used 'External Libraries'?

I have libraries and classes in other folder rather than my project folders. I simply 'right-click' External Libraries and select Configure PHP Include Paths and add the path to my classes and libraries.




I've been working with phpStorm for 4 years now.. so I'm pretty used of including external libraries, that's obvious that you need to include these to get them working.
But I'm now talking about classes defiened in my project folder.

Below and example (this is taken in phpStorm 8) .. but it illustrates the error I'm getting.

Now.. in phpStorm 9, I'm getting this error for the "BikeFrame::" and BikeFrameGeometry::" in this view helper.
But of course this error occurs in whole my project, on other calls as well, not specific to these classes.  But the strange thing is.. it happens on some classes, on others it doesn't.
E.g. it might happen for the "BikeFrame::" call.. but not on the "BikeFrameGeometry::" call .. but these files are located in the same folder...

To illustrate where these files are located, here a screenshot of my folder structure.


I hope this gives a more clear view of what I mean.


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