Why theres no dafault/native VCS for Bitbucket?

For VCS like Github, Perforce, Mercurial, etc, there's a default way to handle the operations with those tools, but theres no default way to do it with bitbucket, thw question here is WHY?

Bitbucket seems to be a nice tool, it had a plugin of a connector, but it's support has stopped.

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I use both github and bitbucket, what specifically is missing?

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How do u use it in Webstorm?, don't tell me that u are using the plugin because under windows 10 it doesn't work anymore for Webstorm 10, on OSX it's still working.

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Ok, I am on windows 7 and phpstorm 8.0.3.  There could be a difference.

I have the bitbucket plugin.

Also, I have my system setup to connect to git from command line outside of phpstorm.  If can get it to work from the terminal, it should work from within phpstorm.
Have you run ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "name@site"
Have you copied the id_rsa.pub information and pasted it at bitbucket?  Becareful, some editors will alter that data and it won't.  For example: notepadd++ corrupted it but good old notepad.exe didn't.

in the project:
git remote set-url origin git@bitbucket.org:ACCOUNTNAME/REPO.git

check the remote:  git remote -v

If you get errors, you might have to run:
git branch --set-upstream master origin/master

once you can push/pull from the terminal, try from webstorm.


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