After 6 months or so of solid 3.0 usage, I finally got around to trying
#818. I used Alex Roytman's nifty little stylesheet to covert my old
library.table.xml to a new applicationLibraries.xml which worked great
(thanks Alex!).

But what on earth is the difference between the Libraries tab, Global
libraries and Project libraries? I found my old libraries in the Global
libraries, so I've been using that, but ... what are the others?

Also I seem to have a bug in that every time I add my Global libraries
to the classpath-like Order tab they are not correctly saved, so every
time I start Idea I have to re-add them. (Luckily the caches seem to be
correctly persisted somewhere, so I don't have 10 minutes of painful
scanning again, but it's still pretty annoying.)

(PS I'm using RH 8.0, JDK 1.4.1_02)


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