Adobe ExtendScript

can I use WebStorm as IDE for Adobe ExtendScript (scripting Adobe applications - InDesign, Photoshop…).
„Use as IDE“ i think basically:
1) write and run scripts and use autocomplete feature
2) debuging

At least 1st point is necessary for me and second is optional.

Thank you.




WebStorm doesn't provide any special support for Adobe ExtenScript. But, as this is just a JavaScript + some standard libraries + some extensions (like preprocessor directives), it should be possible to use WebStorm for editing it
For preprocessor directives handling please see this thread:


of course, you have to register .jsx files as javascript in Settings/File Types


…and how to setup WebStorm to use InDesign's „some standard libraries“ for enable autocomplete function?


If you have .js files with InDesign objects defined, you can configure them as custom libraries in Settings/JavaScript/Libraries


No, I haven't. I have only omv$indesign*.xml with InDesign objects description, but nothing in JavaScript format.


Well, then I can only suggest converting XML to javascript objects - there are plenty of tools i
n the web that are capable of doing this...


There's a nice library parsing Linux package for autocomplete that can be found at
It does require NodeJS (non-pre) and access to the XML files generated by ExtendScript.
Steps on how to register the library files within WebStorm Autocompletion can also be found there.
I attached the pre-compiled libraries found at (the link in the github readme is incorrect) to this post so the link doesn't go dead since.


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