HELP! Uploaded project via FTP and all local files deleted!

Webstorm newb here. I successfully made my project sync with ftp, and then it sucked all of my files onto the server and deleted them from my computer! Now I only have remote access to the files. My local folders are empty, bone-dry. This is just unacceptable.

I assume this is some sort of setting. I have tried the documentation, which is thin on what every menu option does. I have tried hunting the forums for hours, which offer little. Stackoverflow says nothing. I cannot find an answer.

I would like my files to be on my computer so I can manipulate them and still run the dummy copy of the site in my localhost browser. Then I would like to push them onto the site, when the new features work.

Thank you to anybody! I will be checking here periodically.

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Hi there,

How did you that "sync with ftp"?

IDE only uploads files and folders from local to remote when you use any of the Upload/Sync actions and does not delete anything locally.

The only way it can delete while uploading is if you have used drag & drop and moved your files between Project View and Remote Host panels -- here by default it moves files; for copy you have to use it with Ctrl button pressed.


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