PhpStorm on my desktop + laptop => editor Color problems

So I've been doing this for quite some time on PhpStorm 7.1.3:

while ( 1 ) {
  => work on laptop : then copy to desktop all project files (rsync) including ".idea/workspace.xml"
  => work on desktop : then copy to laptop all project files (rsync) including ".idea/workspace.xml"

  if (rand() & 3) sleep();

Now, I rejoined the subscription process, and upgraded from 7.1.3 to 9.0.2 on desktop.
No problem (had to fix a few settings, but ok).
Then copied the whole project + .WebIde90 to laptop. Once only.


But sometimes, when copying for A to B (project files + idea xml), B gets some strange color changes, like CSS colors, or windows background colors etc...

Inconvenient. Is there a glitch in my routine?
Should I pay (as individual) two licenses ??? one for desktop + 1 for laptop?
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Hi there,

Should I pay (as individual) two licenses ??? one for desktop + 1 for laptop?

No. Your personal license allows you to use such setup as long as you do not run IDE on both computers at the same time.

Is there a glitch in my routine?

When you said "copying between computers" (on regular basis) -- do you mean just actual project folder (including .idea) or IDE-wide settings as well (the .WebIdeXX folder) ?

I'm doing first one on daily basis (between work and home computer) and don't really have any issues.

What you describing sounds like an issue in 9.0.x where IDE occasionally "looses" some settings (I have seen it this way: e.g. I've changed some key mapping or syntax coloring .. and after IDE restart my keymap/color scheme file is gone completely). I suggest you to try 9.5 EAP build where such "bad memory" behaviour was fixed.

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Thanks Andriy.

Actually I'm just copying Project files + xml (not .WebIde).

So it seems there is a bug ... let's hope it's gonna get fixed because this is annoying.

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As far as I'm concerned it's fixed in 9.5 -- at least I do not see such behaviour (which I have described earlier) since started using it on regular basis.


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