Not able to Paste text from outside of WebStorm

I repeatedly need to copy something either from a webpage or from a text editor into my JS files within Webstorm. However, I'm not able to paste that content. I can only paste content that I've copied from a file inside WebStorm. I've searched for settings with no luck.

Anybody else have this issue or can help out?



Hi there,

Sounds similar:

Your IDE version?
Does "Edit | Paste Simple" works?
Are you using some Clipboard Management app (so that you have history for your clipboard)?


Thanks for the response.
Version: WebStorm 10.0.4
I don't use a clipboard manager. Do you recommend one to help resolve this? That issue is similar as the issue you posted, but I don't get an error at all. When I paste in WS, it will paste the most recent item in WS's clipboard history. Yes, I have tried all the paste options. When I do "paste from history" it never shows anything that I've copied outside of webstorm. However, If I paste into notepad or MSWord, for example, it WILL paste the item I have copied from either the browser OR WebStorm.


Please try v11 EAP build -- does it behave any better (maybe it's fixed there)?


Similar issue is tracked as  I've seen similar problem reported against NetBeans... May be related to java + windows issues accessing system clipboard

It's back in  WebStorm 2023.2 Build #WS-232.8660.143 on macOS 12.6.7 (21G651) on an M1 chip.


Do you use TabNine plugin? If you do please try disabling it. Will it help?
It looks like this plugin's issue:


Eh, looks like it was my clipboard manager, FlyCut that was causing the problem. Quitting and restarting the app appears to have fixed the problem.

And yes, I also use TabNine. But i didn't have to disable it to get regular copy paste to work.


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