How do I edit the options in the "New" dropdown

Hi all.

I'm using PhpStorm 9.0 and i couldn't figure out how to add/remove the options in the "New" dropdown that appears when you want to create a new file. I would like to add SASS and remove XSLT, for example.

Please check screenshot.

I already tried to search in the forum and on Google.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.19.23.png
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Hi there,

1) Just use "Edit File Templates..." entry at the bottom of the menu (or just "Settings/Preferences | Editor | File & Code Templates")

2) You cannot remove predefined (added by plugin) templates -- e.g. XSLT. You will have to remove that plugin to have it removed. Although you may try removing it at the aforementioned screen -- maybe it will work (there was a bug in the past that was allowing to remove predefined code templates .. it may still be "available" for file templates -- just look if "remove/minus" button is enabled).

3) SASS is already there -- just use "Stylesheet" and choose SASS option (one place for CSS/LESS/SASS/SCSS/Stylus files). Alternatively just create your own template -- in such case it will be listed in "New" menu separately

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Thanks for the quick reply Andriy!


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