last letter in Text to find box is being truncated

I know this is weird, but when I do a search and replace (using ctrl-h because I'm using the eclipse keymap) and specify text to find, it always clips the last letter off when I reopen the replace text box.

1. I hit ctrl-h (which is ctrl-r by default my coworker says) and enter "abc" into the Text to find box.
2. I hit the find button.
3. It says "abc" not found
4. I hit ctrl-h again. Now, the Text to find box contains "ab". The "c" has been chopped off.

I'm using IDEA 6.0.5 6180 but it was doing the same thing when I was using 6170. My coworker also has 6180 and they are not having this problem, so I'm not sure what the deal is.

This does not happen when I use ctrl-f to find stuff. It only happens in the replace dialog. It makes no difference if the replace finds anything to replace or not.

Also, I found that if I highlight text and then hit ctrl-h, it will copy the highlighted text into the replace box except for the final character which it leaves off. So, if I highlight "abc" and then hit ctrl-h, the text "ab" appears in the Text to find box.

I'm not aware of any plugins that I'm using which have anything to do with replacing text. Is there a way to dump out information about my idea configuration so I can paste it here to help you guys figure out what's causing this?

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hmm, weird bug :)

it still exists in build 7002. I've logged it as


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