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Hi All,

I have quite a few file types (.php, .phtml, .css etc) associated with PHPStorm in the OS X finder.  

So if I click on a file of that type, it launches PHPStorm (if it was not already open) with that file.  Also, this enables me to type "open /path/to/file.php" in and have it open in PHPStorm.

All pretty standard really.

However, some time ago, I think it was with PHPStorm version 7, you could open multiple files at once, either in the finder, or as multiple arguments to "open" in the terminal, and they all opened very quickly in PHPStorm.

This doesn't work any more in version 9.  If you try and open multiple files at once from the finder or terminal, it opens the first file, and ignores the rest.

It would be great to see this very useful feature reinstated.

Grant Ozolins

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Hi there,

Is this a question .. or feature request/bug report? If second then please file new ticket to the Issue Tracker.


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