CVS Update Error: Access denied

I have problem doing CVS update in IDEA v7.0M1a build 6827 on whole project. In like 90% of the tries I will get "Error: Access denied" in window Messages, tab Update Errors and update ends before finish. The CVS window, tab CVS Output has no errors, only normal log messages.

But sometimes it works ok!

The problem rising from this is that IDEA will mess-up the CVS directory. In CVS directory is normally Entries file. But after crash there is only Entries~ file! Because of this the IDEA thinks that all files in the directory are unversioned and next update on this dir gives regular cvs error (cvs update: move away xxx; it is in the way).

From experience the place of crash is random which means that CVS directory with Entries~ file happens to be created always in different subfolder of my project.

I don't know what access denied message means. I am admin user, have all rights in filesystem ok (have NTFS and Windows XP SP2). Maybe it's not related to filesystem?. Maybe it's related to CVS server? Who knows? But we made no changes to our CVS server recently.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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