Can't get an ant task in my project to be recognized on the classpath?

I wrote an Ant task last night. When I try to get Ant to run it (after setting up a taskdef in my build.xml file) I get a ClassNotFoundException.

What I've read in the documentation says that I should have the class available via a jar file in the classpath. This seems silly since I'm writing the task. Shouldn't IDEA pick it up from the fact that it'in my source tree?

Is there an easy way to work through this? Is there some documentation on this? I've found little related information in the help files.


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This is an ANT question, not really an IntelliJ question. The fact IntelliJ can build your project is totally separate from ANT's needs. ANT still needs to be aware of all jar files needed so it can can perform the build. You need to let ANT know about the jar files, the easiest way to do this is through the Ant properties and use the Additional Classpath tab.

The ant properties button is on the Ant build window and is to the left of the question mark help icon. (you have to have a task selected for it to become active)


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