Webstorm 10.0.4 redirect console to another computer?

Hi All

I'm new to this and have spent some time searching the forums so I hope this isn't a duplicate :-)

I'm working on a laptop and find myself coding through a letter box.

What I'd like to do is redirect the console.log output to another computer.  I'd be happy if I could use a browser on another computer and connect to a local port on my dev computer or alternatively redirect the console output to an RS232 port and use a dumb terminal on the second computer.

Is this possible?

Thnaks for reading....


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you can't redirect console output to a different host/port. But you can access WebStorm built-in webserver from a Chrome browser running on different host:
- on a remote host, make sure to install JetBrains IDE Support extension into Chrome.
- in extension options  (chrome-extension://hmhgeddbohgjknpmjagkdomcpobmllji/options.html),  specify the IP and port of the target machine.
- on a target computer, start WebStorm, make sure that the port  specified in Settings/Build, Execution, Deployment/Debugger is the same as above and 'Can  accept external connections' is on. Open your project and run your  application
Note that you need to change the default port (63324) to some  different one (8080, 8090) if you need to connect from external host -  external connections to 63342 are not supported for security reasons.


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