How do I disable PHPUnit?

I just downloaded PHP Storm for the first time, created a project and configured it as a web app.  I ran the project and I get the following error.
Cannot find PHPUnit in include path (.;C:\php\pear)
I don't even want to run unit tests.  Is there a way to just run the site?

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Hi there,

1. You cannot disable PHPUnit support as it's part of the PHP support itself.

2. In order to not to run PHPUnit tests ... just do not use them.

You seem to just click the wrong button (created and executed Run/Debug Configuration of wrong type).

  • "Run | Edit Configurations..." (or via drop down box on main toolbar)
  • delete such wrong Run/Debug configuration
  • create and use configuration of correct type

Some links:

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Thanks for the response and the links.  I created a new Run Configuration of type PHP Web Application, defined the Web Server and Start URL and then ran it.  Worked exactly as expected!


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