JSP includes?

I've started having IDEA (build 700) validate my JSP pages. Most of them contain the following include:

<%@ include file="/common/session.jsp" %>

The problem is that the included file is also checked, and is only valid within the context of the includer.

Is there any way to tell IDEA to not check specified files, or to check them within a specified context?


Since validation is done by means of jasper JSP compiler, you can exclude particular files/directories from compilation/validation
in File | Project Properties | Compiler


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Eugene --

This works for particular files and directories, but what about JSP fragments (.jsf) files? I'd like to not validate any .jsf file, since they're only valid in the scope of a particular jsp.

I could go through and exclude each of the .jsf files I have, but as you can imagine that option doesn't scale very well.




.. and I should be more clear. What I'd like is a way to define a file regexp for files that I don't want validated, but still need to be treated as JSP format.

- a.


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