Description for <prompt> in "External Tools"-Macro - AND more than one parameter...

I have created an external tool Setting for jpegoptim:

File ⇒ Settings ⇒ Tools ⇒ External Tools

There I've used the <prompt> Macro to be able to enter the compression-rate for the external command:

[Field "Parameters" have this input]:
--all-progressive --strip-all -t --preserve --max=$Prompt$ $FilePath$

If I execute this, I've be prompted for input, but the Input-Dialoge only shows "Enter Paremeters".

  1. How can I describe which inputvalue is needed as parameter ( means make me able to set a label)
  2. How can I add two or more prompt dialoges as parameter?

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How can I vote it up? Leave a comment or  is there a vote-button (dont see any on mobile-version of the forum)

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Ok, was confused, because on mobile-phone-view, there is no Thumbs-Up-Button.
On the Desktop-Version I see it.
Thank you.


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