Colored open files or other differentiation

OK I am newb AND dumb

With any editor I use I always get lost - ie I end up editing the wrong file. I think I am in index.php but I am in dumbo.php.

Is there any way of coloring the background of INDIVIDUAL files in the editing window??? Or some other way of differentiating - could have a watermark behind the text???

Just curious does anyone else have this problem., Admittedly this is worst when just playing around with random files but I do get caught out every so often in the "real world"!

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Hi there,

No, you cannot assign custom editor background to any random file.

The best I can offer is coloring of editor tab. This can be done based on custom Scopes (a custom filter that can be applied to your project files), which then used by File Colors functionality.

Maybe there is a plugin that can do such thing (since you are not really first who asked on some sort of similar functionality; in general of course) .. but I personally have not looked for such stuff so not sure.

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Thanks Andriy.

I am developing an app and have always been worried about users (doctors) sending private messages to the wrong people.

Thinking about it a watermark would be great way of differentiating! I have had different colored pages to try and help avoid confusion but I think watermarking is a nice idea and will implement it there.

Now if someone could just make a PhpStorm plugin ...


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