A killer idea for a plug-in or maybe something jetBrains would want to do in house.

So, I'm just learning how to program and I'm trying to get a server up with a database and all the front end stuff myself. I'm like a full-stack developer but actually utter shit.

And inbetween trying to stopping and starting and rewinding and stopping and starting youTube tutorial videos an idea occured to me.

Granted I'm quite a oblivious to the complexities of what I'm about to propose, I really don't think it would be that difficult to implement.

So what I wish existed inside the IDEs that I've looked at is a guided step-by-step prompt of the actions one would take to achieve certain results with the IDE currently in use.

Instead of having an assortment of templates and files to choose from (that honestly only confused the hell out of me when I first loaded them) how about an option to say "I've no idea what I'm doing but I'd like to do X"

And then the program loads up a blank slate root folder and then starts highlighting the buttons and configurations that if followed will get you to X

You guys would really blow away the competition if scripted-event tutorials, that took you step-by-step through a variety of tasks, existed in your IDEs. I really would pay in the thousands for such an IDE. I've wasted so much f----- time figuring this out, it would be well worth it.

As it stands I've uninstalled all things jetBrains and now have brackets and nothing else. I could tell the jetBrains stuff was good-quality but it was just way too much information and options for a rookie like myself. I really could've used a guided-hand.


And you probably wouldn't even have to do all the tutorials yourselves! Just make tools so that the community can create in-IDE tutorials for whatever they want, and you can tell the IDE to run "Billy-bob's How to do X in Webstorm" step-by-step guide. There's so many tutorials on youTube where the author is using a jetBrains IDE, if there was in-IDE support instead of youTube that would be the greatest thing ever.

Bam. There's your billion dollar idea. You're welcome.

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Hi there,

They do have "something like that" -- in PyCharm Educational (IDE for Python) -- https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm-educational/

I'm not associated with JetBrains in any way -- so do not treat it as an official answer of any kind.


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