open single non-project file for quick edit

Hi all,

I've asked Google and also searched here including Webstorm docs, maybe I'm just missing something obvious. My question is this:

  • I have a project open. It's a meteor project.
  • now I want to make a quick edit to my .bashrc, a file that has nothing to do with my meteor project. How do I do that so that .bashrc doesn't become part of my meteor project?


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Hi there,

What exactly do you mean by "become part of my meteor project"? Does this file become listed in your Project View panel .. or will show up in some VCS history etc?

AFAIK if you open a file that is not already part of the project (located outside of the project) ... then IDE will just open it for editing -- it will not add it to the actual project. That's the bahaviour I see here on Windows 7.

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Ok, yes, that seems to work as in 'this way it doesn't become part of the project currently open'.


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