815: OSX Feedback - WTH? :)

Okay so on OSX, build 815 appear to be totally different and broken in new and creative ways :)

1) The old project version doesn't work and idea makes the old 813 file unusable. If it can't be converted or so, please leave me a dialog so I can tell you to leave the 813 file alone.

2) All of the menus (except for the separator) are green.

3) The IDE apparently can no longer find the JDK. When creating a new project it will only let me create it with no JDK.

4) Not sure what Test Source Folders or Exclude Folders are supposed to be. DOesn't seem to make a lot of sense.

5) The project properties tab has changed for the worse. I'll start from the beginning. I don't have any idea what a Main Module is - has no relevance to development from what I can tell (espescially since there is no way to create more than one).

6) Libraries have lost the ability for me to specify settings for different libraries. This new method doesn't make any sense really - each library has its own settings so there needs to be a function for adding a new library which you can then click into to add more information like source and javadoc. As it is its confusing.

7) If you are adding a WebApp tab in the Run/Debug area, what is the point of the Web functionality in the tool strip in Project Properties

8) Hopefully JBoss or similar will be bundled with Idea because clicking on the EJB button in the tool strip in project properties and getting an error right away makes no sense.

9) Having a remote tab in project properties is cool and all, but if you are going to click through some of these radio buttons and just watch the command line that's being passed to the debugger - please tell me what the heck the change I made just did :) If I knew what the debugger modes and the transport methods were I'd just integrate this into the ant build process :D

10) What is the purpose of the resource patters on the compiler settings? It currently just serves as a source of confusion

11) In the Ant build settings, when I'm asked to select an ant file, what possible purpose could the buttons for creating and deleting a directory serve other than to confuse :) I'm supposed to be selecting something.

12) Its cool that you guys are testing on Windows - but please don't default the Web Browser Path to "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IExplore.exe" on other platforms

I'm sure there is more... gimme an hour to play with this one under controlled conditions. This release can't really be tested with anything 'real' in its current condition.

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Crap, it broke the Java compiler settings altogether. No version of Idea can find the compiler now :-/

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For your items #1 and #8, read the release notes:


See SCR 12209 for #2

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Gregory Pierce wrote:

12) Its cool that you guys are testing on Windows - but please don't default the Web Browser Path to "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IExplore.exe" on other platforms

Agree. I know an anti-Microsoft user who was ok trying out IDEA under
Linux until this happened whereupon they blew a gasket and railed
against the product. Personally I don't care, but it would be a good
idea to have better defaults non-Windows systems-- even a blank default
would be better.


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The default on OS X should be /usr/bin/open. It will open URLs using the user's default browser.

(This tip was originally posted by Ryan Krebs, see:
http://www.intellij.net/forums/thread.jsp?forum=13&thread=29483 )


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