Could not show sub-types in class hierarchy?

In my class Hierarchy view, I always couldn't see subtypes of a class or interface. Is this a configuration issue or any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


These subtypes should be visible in the Type Hierarchy view.

n.b. in the toolbar of that toolwindow the first 3 buttons make it possible to switch the tree type (class hierarchy, sub type and supertype). You might check if you're using the first one.


It is not a wrong icon selection issue. The first icon (show super and sub types) is greyed out. I can select the third icon (shoe subtypes), but get nothing. Also in the editor panel, I have to use Ctrl-Alt-B to show subtypes for an interface or an upper level class. There is no a small icon on the left side of the type declaration that I can click and expend the subtype list, as I did before.


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