Export settings - avoid losing recent projects

I often export PHPstorm settings between two computers, in both computers I have different projects and FTP Settings. I know that during the export I can uncheck "deployment servers", and "default project settings", but this does not stop PHPStorm from erasing my "recent projects" list on startup. Is there a way to prevent this?

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Hi there,

Consider updating to v9

  • In v9 you can store deployment servers (FTP/etc) in actual project settings (visible to that project only) so that they will not really be participating in export/import operations.
  • I do not have v8 anymore .. so cannot verify how that import/export works exactly there (I don't really use it myself) .. but in v9 recent projects are stored in separate file (recentProjectDirectories.xml; in previous versions such list was part of another file, AFAIK) and it is NOT exported via Export Settings functionality.
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Thanks for your reply, I have finally understood what setting to uncheck to avoid losing the recent projects list, it is called "Quick lists".


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