How to attach JavaDocs and sources for servlet-api.jar

Hi all,

I'm trying IntelliJ IDEA for the first time, version 6.0.5.

I can see the JavaDocs for the basic Java APIs fine
(like java.util). However I'm trying since 30 minutes
to obtain the JavaDocs for servlet-api.jar and I simply
can't do it.

I've got a few questions:

Am I suppose to solve this by going into File / Settings /
Project structure / Project libraries then clicking on the
library I want to "attach" the JavaDocs/source to?

If so, is there any way to check that you've attached
the correct JavaDocs / sources ? It's expecting a
directory, but apparently I can give any directory and
the system isn't complaining (for example I can pass
the directory /mnt/ as the directory corresponding
to the JavaDocs for servlet-api.jar !?).

Basically I'm looking since quite a long time and I'm
beginning to feel very, very dumb, so detailed informations
would be very welcome.

A specific example with servlet-api.jar would be


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Responding to myself...

OK, I eventually managed to add a path to the external JavaDocs and now I can see the 'tooltip' showing the JavaDocs for servlet-api.jar.

However, there's something that is completely puzzling: imagine I'm on a RequestDispatcher object and ask for the tooltip about it's getServletContext() method... Everything is fine, I can see the JavaDocs as expected. But, if I ask to "go to the declaration", IntelliJ shows me a "decompiled stub" with no docs at all for the getServletContext() method, which is completely unintuitive to me.

I realize that I don't have the source, neither does IntelliJ. However it has the JavaDocs... As the source code is 'fake' anyway (it's a decompiled stub), why not 'enhance' it with the JavaDocs... Or at least make it clear that the JavaDocs for these methods are available?

I lost easily one hour on all this... Basically because I was mislead by that 'decompiled stub', not realizing it was quite different from the JavaDocs (that I actually had configured correctly, but instead of asking to see the JavaDocs I was jumping to a non-commented decompiled stub that I didn't really ask for).

Quite puzzling.


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