How would you do that with Idea?

I'm using Idea for the maintenance of a project using Velocity (the
template engine).
We have a set of files (a macro library) that I need to search into a
lot. For example when I stumble upon a page with #mySuperMacro(param1
param2) and I need to see the declaration of this macro, I search for
every file in the macro folder with this regular expression:
"\#macro.\(.mySuperMacro ".
The problem is, this is time consuming, as I have to look for that in
the last used search items, then edit it, apply the file mask, ...

Is there a way in Idea to record a macro that take an argument in a
dialog box? I'd like to have a special key combo that asks for a macro
name, and that performs that search automatically for me. Is this
possible somehow?

Thank you very much for your help.


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