Webstorm gets out of sync with V8 remote debug interface?

Apologies if this is some sort of user error : I'm new to Webstorm, although not new to IDEs and debugging!
Anyway, trying to debug a simple Node.js application remotely. Node is running on an Ubuntu machine, WS is running on my Windows10 desktop.
So far so good...I can start node with remote debugging enabled and I can get WS to connect to it.
Basic things like hitting breakpoints work. However...after a while I began to realize that all is not well.
Webstorm would hang on various things (e.g. fetching script source code from the debug target, inspecting a variable when stopped in a breakpoint).
I did some poking into what might be going on and ended up tracing the traffic between V8 and WS on port 5858.
What I see there leads me to suspect that Webstorm is broken in some respect -- I see requests from it to V8 (e.g. to fetch the script source), then I see V8 send the response, however WS just spins forever never displaying the file.

I guess my first question should be : is remote debugging expected to work between WS 10.0.4 and Node v0.12.7?

Also, is there some way to get a debug log from Webstorm that might shed some light on what's going on? It is a little tight-lipped on what it is up to (or what it thinks it is up to) in a remote debugging session.

I'm scratching my head as to what could be causing this in my environment.


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Following up after some more investigation :

I think this is probably a V8/Node bug because the network trace on port 5858 shows Webstorm sending various requests to Node, with Node responding up until some point after which it never sends another response.
Node continues sending requests thereafter (and will send more if the user performs a debug-related action).

Probably the feature missing from Webstorm here is a) a way to view the raw debug session to see what's up with it, and b) a way to make the user aware that the remote debugger has gone awol.

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Further follow-up : I installed Visual Studio 2013 with its NTVS package and tested the same remote debugging scenario.
VS worked. Looking at the wireshark traced traffic, the significant difference between VS and WS is that VS never has more than one debugger request outstanding.
WS sends two requests back-to-back before the response to the first arrives back from V8.
Therefore it is possible that WS is exercising some bug with overlapped debugger requests in V8, or perhaps it just isn't legal to issue pipelined requests?

Anyway,.for now I'm going to use Visual Studio since it works.


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