QUESTION JS Debugger: breakpoints set in source JS files are never hit (when I set them in the minified file they work)

First of all thanks for the awesome PHP storm, I love it!!

I'm working on a project with multiple JS source files which are being chained and minified into one big JS file on every build.

When I set the breakpoints in the big compiled JS file the debugger works fine, also source maps works (the breakpoints redirect to the right JS source file).

Now I would like to set breakpoint directly in the source files, since it's a pain doing this in the minified file. But when I try to set a breakpoint in a source file it never gets hit.

How do I configure PHP Storm to hit a breakpoint set in my source JS files?

I tried to read all the JS Debugger documentation, to Google and to check tutorials on Youtube, but no luck.

I'm musing PHP Storm 9 with Chrome extention.

I would be very grateful for any tip, thank you!


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Seems sourcemaps don't work correctly. What tool do you use to produce them? Also, what PHPStorm version do you work with?


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