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I'm new to WS so excuse me if there are obvious answers to the following related questions:

1) If I hover over a function name I see type info (example below). What setting will show parameter names?

[ Array.<T> ] Array.prototype.filter( [ function(T=, number=, Array.<T>=) ] callback,
                                                                          [ optional ] thisArg )

2) Is there a way to get a little more detailed documentation, not necessarily full doc's, without jumping to an external site?

3) For offline full doc's I recently installed Zeal ( Is there any way to get WS to context-query this instead of jumping to an external site?

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1) Ctrl+P inside round brackets shows parameters info
2) Quick Documentation (Ctrl+Q) extracts information from the source code - it shows information written in comments (JSDoc, block comments, inline docs) attached to object. The more details are provided in comments, the more detailed documentation is available. Shift+F1 allows viewing associated online docs (if any)
3) Documentation URLs for predefined JavaScript libraries are hardcoded and can't be changed. If you are using custom javascript libraries, you can configure your own documentation URLs for them - this URL will be opened when you press Shift+F1 (Show external documentation) on methods from the library. But note that this won't work as expected for each and every URL (the root doc page will be opened, but it won't automatically navigate to specific method docs).  Every JavaScript framework has its own way of providing API  documentation through Web pages and unfortunately there is no single  uniform algorithm which would work for an arbitrary URL. asks for a possibility to define patterns for external docs, making  possible to have quick documentation working for custom URLs


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