QUESTION: WebStorm Live Edit Debugging (Why is WebStorm flagging a css error doesn't appear to exist?)

I am trying out Live Edit.

In WebStorm, when I passed the pointer over the class attribute, a tiny window appeared saying there is a syntax error involving the class "text-center".


When I clicked the + button in the message window, the window expanded to:


In the Chrome browser, I selected the element with class "text-center" (see #1.)
I don't see any error with the class declaration (see #3.) I then clicked the link for type.less:93 (see #4.)


The following appeared:

Note that the class "text_center" is actually at line 92, not line 93.

I don't see any error with the class declaration "text-justify" (line 93) or "text_center" (line 92) See #1 immediately above.

Also, the problem is occurring in something involving "less". See #3 and #4 immediately above.

So what's going on here?

  1. What's going on here?
  2. Why is WebStorm flagging a syntax error?
  3. What is the actual syntax error?

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Hi there,

Based on your first 2 screenshots it could be just plugin issue .. or some language injection where that specific code is treated as another language (based on the error message it could be the case here).

I suggest re-checking your Language Injection rules and if nothing -- try "File | Invalidate Caches..." following IDE restart.


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