Merging with CVS

Hi all,

In the recent past, I had found a way to conveniently merge changes from a CVS branch to the head, but I can't remember or figure out how to do it now. I used to tag the files as I checked them in to the branch. Then on the head I would do a cvs update, enter that tag (-r) and maybe the branch name (-j), and the few files I tagged would be merged into my working directory. This doesn't work now, however. If I enter the tag only, all files in my head working copy that don't have that tag in the branch (most of them) get removed, though the tagged files do get updated. If I use the branch name, I get all the changes on the branch, which is not what I want. I know I can use multiple branch tags or a private branch, but I thought tagging the individual files was a simple solution. Any suggestions on how I can handle this?

Since I last did this successfully, I've switched from Idea 5 to 6 and switched laptops, so I might be using a different cvs version.



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