Help on isolating errors at the line level in webstorm

Being new to Webstorm, are the ways to identify errors quickly such as missing html tag. I saw the underline on parent tag and tip missing div element but with a long file I spent a considerable amount of time finding one missing ">' to close a tag.
Any resources in Webstorm or best practices would be appreciated to save time and be more efficient.


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Yes, you can identify errors such as a missing HTML tag.

Have you looked at Inspect Code under the Code menu?


Try this:

  1. Open the html document in the WebStorm editor.
  2. Choose Code -> Inspect Code.
  3. A dialog will open titled "Specify Inspection Scope".
  4. Choose "Current File".
  5. Click OK.

If there are errors, an Inspection Results panel will open up listing the issues. Click the disclosure triangles to drill down to specific issues.

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Thank you this was extremely helpful and will save me time and energy.


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