run and debug icon

I see we can define a debug javascript configuration

if we go to the main GUI IDE , we can see 2 icons near the configuration  name , mouse hover show run and debug .
1- when i click to run i go tho the website ( CMS joomla )
2- when i click to debug i go to appdata sub director !!
what wrong ?  ... i use a in place CMS server joomla  .


I try this to launch live edit and really like the link fro mthe plug in configuration  settings to blog of video but the blog post is  2012 and the video  is "deprecated " for example View -> reload browser in php5 / 2012 version exist but ,not in phpstorm 141 1912 with live edit 2.0.15 141.1 .  I can't blame phpstorm but really bad that the bug in 2012 in chrome is still here in 2015 ? ( or the documentaiton plug in is not update  ......) .


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