How to refresh remote project?

I made a project on the server using putty.
When I make a new project on PHPStorm, IDE download all of files from server to local.
It was ok.
I wrote code and upload to server using PHPStorm.
What if I change couple of lines, and made cople of directory on the server using putty.

I'd like to refresh local files and download new files and directory again from server without creating new project again.
I'm new PHPStorm user.
Thank you.

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Hi here,

You can use "Tools | Deployment | Synch with deployed..." (or via similar path in context menu in Project View panel) -- this will allow you to sync local & remote in both ways.

Alternatively you can use "Remote Host" tool window (if not there -- "Tools | Deployment | Browse remote Host") where you can use "Download" functionality.


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