Has the ability to control indexing been improved in PHPStorm 9?

I ask, as we're mid project and getting a lot of indexing which is really slowing things down.

I moved the project to a new drive this morning, and added a few 1000 jpgs to the project and sure enough, PHPStorm's indexer kicked into action, making my machine slow for the best part of an hour.

I have no idea if the indexer is adding the images, a tonne of node and composer modules I'll never need to look at, or what.

I know I can exclude folders, but is there the ability to cancel an index without restarting the app? Does the indexing process also know when a folder has been excluded, mid-index, so will skip it?


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Unfortunately, no. You need to wait until 1 indexing is finished, then you can exclude these folders.

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What i do in those cases is create the folder where i want the new files to be, then exclude it in the PHPStorm settings, and only THEN i add the actual files.
That should solve you indexing problem for sure, :)


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