Parsing files forever...why?

There is a problem with Intellij version ALL, where upon build, it says Parsing file ]]> and sits there waiting for i don't know what.

So jetbrains, please just tell me what to tell my team members when they complain to me about this. Just tell me what to tell them after i upgraded 30 licenses because of 'code coverage', feature a, feature b, etc, when the basics are problematic?

1) what do i say?
2) under the hood, can you tell me what intellij is doing when this happens? i really want to know.

is it because we have some libs on a network drive?


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What do you mean by "Intellij version ALL"? I first thought you are trying to say it affects all Idea versions, but then you go on and say it happens only after an upgrade?!

This forum is quite helpful, but I think for fast answers it's best to contact support directly:

Also: Is there anything special about the file it stops parsing on, e.g. file type (java, xml, ...), size, syntax (huge string literals), ...?

I think it would have been common sense to only update a single machine first and see if it works - just my two cents, though.


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