How can I manage command line tasks with PHPStorm?

While the configruations dropdown is great for spawning some php jobs (e.g. publish assets from symfony framework) I am looking for a way of managing some tasks (not the work item tasks).

Lets say I want to have a couple of command line tasks that bundle some assets together or minify something.
These tasks should be done manually as rarely used files do not need constant attention.
I know there are file watchers but managing a scope where I need 5 scattered files out from 12k is pretty annoying.

I know the command line I want to call, I know all file locations and arguments, what I am missing is a facility to keep those command line calls tightly in PHPStorm.

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Hi there,

Right now I may only think about these:

1) List such commands in some text file and just copy-paste from it when needed. You may add such file to favorite list or assign bookmark with mnemonic (letter or digit) so you can access such file faster (yep, bookmarks can be applied even to folders).

2) More appropriate (fits the actual purpose) -- use some build tool (e.g. Phing/Gulp/Grunt ) and write these commands as tasks there. Then use them in PhpStorm via GUI interface -- it supports those 3 just fine.


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