Project level templates

I looked in JIRA and saw, but it looks as though it's still an outstanding feature.

I'm new to IntelliJ, so excuse me - I'm sure these are very basic questions, but I've failed to find an answer to them :(

1. Is there a way to get IntelliJ to pick up a template from a project file? This way I can just configure the IDE setting to load the template from a project file. This may not make sense perhaps.

2. Can I populate a variable of some sort from a launch configuration? What I mean is, If I could set a variable called PROJECT_COPYRIGHT (or whatever) and then have the Class File Template in the IDE populate the template from this variable using $.

I use maven to generate the project files/hierarchy. So, whatever I use needs to support being able to delete and regenerate the idea project files using mvn. I saw the Copyright plugin, but I don't think this will work when using maven, or will it??



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lol... me replying to myself I guess :)

One way around this is to not use the Class File Template at all. Instead of this I've created a few "Live Templates" for inserting the copyright notice. Because this is an IDE level config, I assume it will still be around after I regen my projects using maven.

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I'm not sure about the real demand behind this, but for copywrite strings, there is a very good plugin (copyright) for this purpose, which can be configed base on project level or IDE level.

yes, IDEA is very different from other IDEs (and much smarter). This reminds my first try to IDEA long time ago. Used to other IDE, i'm used to file|new file or similar patterns, and I can not find it. I feel very lucky that I did not give up :)


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