Javadocs in jar files

I use Maven and I have the official Idea plugin set to download sources and javadocs with dependencies when I issue a "mvn idea:idea" command, however Idea won't use javadocs when they're inside jar files, even though when I click the button to "attach" javadocs, zip/jar files are explicitly indicated as an option.

Is this a bug or a know limitation? is there a way around it? It sure would be nice to have these javadocs associated with my projects automatically.

IDEA Version: 6.0.4
Platform: Linux


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Ok, I'm a moron.

It works fine. The capability I'm lacking is the ability to display the javadoc in an external browser. That's the way I normally look at the docs. ctrl-q works fine so Idea is clearly reading the docs from within the jar file.

Still, even thouh I know it's not a limitation of Idea, it would still be great to figure out a way for those docs to be viewable in an external browser. Ahh well... nothing's perfect.


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